The first phase subscription of API Service Platform is snap

Pubdate: 2019-07-04 11:00      wrtier: API Website

On June 25th, the first batch of cloud pool subscriptions in the API was officially opened. The first phase of the quota was 10 million, which is 1% of total 1 billion API. The cloud pool was sold out within 10 minutes on the opening day, which triggered a very high market sentiment.

The first phase subscription price of the API is 0.1USDT. When calculated according to the total amount of 1 billion, after the subscription is completed, the total market value has reached 100 million US dollars. It is expected to become the top star project in the era of smart economy genesis.

Simplified technology innovation application

The API Service platform is an application stack public chain for international blockchain developers. They are dedicated to building an intelligent and open collaborative economic ecosystem, integrating artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data and blockchain technology to truly realize technological innovation and integration applications. Through the construction of blockchain infrastructure and technology tools, enable more enterprises and individuals who do not understand the blockchain can easily use blockchain technology and create new value.

By providing powerful basic technology application facilities, the API Service platform connects technology development, tool applications, enterprises, users, developers and other links in the industry chain, enabling potential business, technology projects and innovative economic models which can achieve efficient and rapid landing without going through a tedious and long process. Large traditional industries will also realize the application and transformation of new technologies in this revolutionary intelligent economic wave through API platform technology, allowing more enterprises and Individuals benefit from it.

Global high-scale circulation application

The total number of API tokens is 1 billion. The first phase of the construction of the computing center initially launched 50 million APIs used to build the cloud pool and the cloud field. To build 25 cloud pools and 625 cloud fields need a minimum of 87.5 million APIs. The difference API’s can only be obtained through the calculation of power generation or trading.

For the enterprise side of the stack system, the stack world has 640,000 engineers globally involved in the operation of the platform system. At the same time, the developer technology promotion and innovation are carried out every year through the World Data Conference. The world's 640,000 engineers will provide services to enterprises, and apply the world's most advanced models and technologies to match the needs of enterprises at any time and place. For engineers, the needs of millions of individual users around the world will be matched through platforms. The daily circulation of the public chain will exceed 100 million times. The data circulation will flow rapidly through the data port, generating a value of 100 billion US dollars. All settlements in this vast ecosystem will be used under the blockchain POA algorithm and smart contracts to ensure that all transactions are binding and truly fair. For projects and commercial systems with great potential, they will not be forced to give up or interrupt because of lack of funds or network.

Global technical data agencies jointly support development

The API Service platform relies on the World Data Conference, especially established by the United Nations International Information Development Organization, to achieve smart contract protection and legal protection of the project. The project founders, investors, suppliers, service providers and customers will be able to interact through private messages, project groups and channels. The unique computing power of the stack, cloud pool, cloud field and cloud registration and interaction can also be processed on the platform of API. In the early stage of the stack ecosystem, we have strong technical team work around the clock to ensure the project's revolutionary commitment.

The API Service platform is the most anticipated project on several listed platforms. It not only cooperates with leading consultants in the technical field, but also cooperates with world-renowned universities and institutions, even top investment banks also participate in project cooperation. The APl Service platform will quickly realize the landing and promotion of the global API public chain through the world's largest platform, the United Nations World Data Forum.

The initial subscription of the API Service platform has triggered a rush of tens of thousands of people. Under the perfect ecosystem and huge participants, does it predict the birth of the next empire of digital business? Time may be the best proof.