A cooperative, prosperous and open API economic ecosystem f

Pubdate: 2019-07-04 10:59      wrtier: API Website

In the era of digital economy, numerous emerging technologies are developing rapidly. Innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and Internet of Things are gradually transforming social life and economic modes.

After the first UN World Data BBS, the UN Statistics Division and the Division of Global Partnership for Sustainable Development (GSD) jointly convened collaboration on SDG data interoperability.

Meanwhile, the Cape Town sustainable development data action plan says countries must be able to use interoperability tools to help improve technology availability and create new synergies among all parties by adding new modules and practical examples.

At the same time, only a few enterprises and programmers have the ability to develop and use emerging technologies such as blockchain. The vulnerable groups caused by the lack of technical knowledge will miss the opportunity of a technological era.

Against the background of global technology, API economic model comes into being in line with the tide of the time. API is one of the most effective means to realize the data interoperability and practical application of technology as advocated by the international community.

API( Application Programming Interface)Service platform is committed to building a cooperative, prosperous and open API economic ecosystem for the simplified, modularized and standardized application of technology such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and block chain. In this way, global enterprises, individuals and programmers without other technical knowledge such as blockchain can simply use the emerging science and technology, increase user engagement, and gradually build up a perfect ecology of economic application.

Application of API  technology

API developer alliance composed of global technical experts can transform the entire network and jointly launch the API stack-bound public chain based on blockchain and other emerging technologies. API platform includes three mainstream tools: developer tools, enterprise tools and individual tools. Through the API standard module combination, it can be connected to various application platforms and servers, so that more people can participate in the system application and construction. In this way, API can be applied to artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet of Things, micro service structure and other new ecological systems and business modes in large scale.

API Service System

API is composed of four service systems—arithmetic cloud pool, cloud field, cloud stack and cloud gathering. Using POA algorithm and through the "cloud + end" structure, 25 core arithmetic cloud pools are built around the world. The center arithmetic cloud pool concentrates the global stack-bound cloud service resources with each arithmetic cloud pool has 25 API cloud fields and a total of 625 cloud fields in the world. These cloud pools are based on unified standards, protocols and flows. They have unobstructed links and sharing. Each cloud field can expand 1024 cloud stacks. Each development engineer can have a cloud stack. Each cloud field needs to expand 1024 cloud stacks, which bears great structural pressure. Therefore, each cloud field can call a number of cloud gatherings to do computational support services for the cloud stack.

International Development Information Organization–DevNet

The UN International Development Information Organization–DevNet   is the special support agency of API developer alliance, providing information on international technical updates, macro-economy, and international trades for API developer alliance. It also aids in trade and technology exchanges, conferences, personnel training and related consulting services.

In the future, API platform will also focus on training high-level talents on emerging technology, recruiting international elite talents for sustainable development and technical service, using the UN's own technology and resources, accelerating the application and popularization of "stack bounds" together, and enabling youth and entrepreneurs from all over the world to grasp the trend of the time and share the bonus of digital economy through the technical service platform of stack bounds.